Build Custom Folding Table For Kids

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Folding Table For Kids Sets

Folding Table For Kids – For the preparation of part of the table, as for chairs, I have thrown away the recycling and I have used pallet wood. In this way, we will be contributing to the environment and with our pocket. Of course, we will make the children’s wooden table with screws, which instead of using mounting screws (like those used in chairs), we will use conventional wood screws. This way we will make the table quickly, easy and use few tools.

The table on the table, it is not a capricious measure, it is so that I can enter comfortably in the trunk of my car, therefore the measures should be adapted to the need of each one. Underneath hold the folding table for kids of wood with rods of 2cm x 4cm.  With the same type of 2×4 rod, the H-shaped legs are made and are hinged. Be aware that the H-shaped legs are superimposed when the table is closed. Achieve a minimum thickness and occupy less space.

In the paw that is below, note that it separates the hinge with a few turquoise to achieve a little more opening in that leg. Then place an “L” rod around the edge of the folding table for kids to give it a better finish. Also, put a little work on it so that when the table is closed it is locked and does not open.

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