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June 28, 2018 Tapestry Design

Ganesha Tapestry Decor Ideas

Ganesha tapestry – A tapestry on the wall is a stunning work of art. Whether you choose a reproduction of an original or adopting a modern design, there are many options to choose from. Tapestries depicting floral designs, landscapes and animals. An added bonus to hang a tapestry is that it will act as a buffer to allow.

Beautiful Ganesha Tapestry

Beautiful Ganesha Tapestry

In the middle ages, tapestries became a status symbol among the nobles. The castle walls were large and to cover a wall with ganesha tapestry looms required large, educated labor to weave the intricate patterns and a large investment of money. Noblemen and kings through the tapestries with them when they travel as a show of prestige and comfort. At the end of a battle conqueror would often confiscate valuable tapestries from the castle walls in a show of victory. The Parthenon and other important government building in the Greek empire had walls covered with fabric.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Ganesha Tapestry Decor Ideas

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Image of: Vintage Ganesha Tapestry
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Image of: Green Ganesha Tapestry
Image of: Indian Ganesha Tapestry
Image of: Perfect Ganesha Tapestry
Image of: Beautiful Ganesha Tapestry
Image of: Best Ganesha Tapestry

Not only was a beautiful tapestry, but it was functional. A castle was dark and damp, and hang a ganesha tapestry would add insulation on the walls. The wallpaper was a barrier to keep the cold in the stone wall entering the stables. Tapestries also divided rooms, used instead of doors and hung over the windows.


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