How To Decorate With Kids Play Teepee

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Kids Play Teepee Polkadots

Kids Play Teepee – Under an Indian teepee, children can read stories, invent stories, and draw everything! Even dreaming with your eyes open. Without a doubt, a teepee can be a great idea to create a space for play and recreation inside the children’s room. We tell you how to make an Indian teepee without sewing! With a little patience and skill, you can make a home teepee without needing to pick up needle and thread.

First, drill a whole 30cm from the end of each kids play teepee wooden bar, right in the center of each. Then, with the help of someone else, join the 6 bars as shown in the picture and secure them with the jute (jute through the holes). If you wish, you can put some glue in the base of each bar of wood to secure them to the ground. Cut out rectangles of the fabric of different colors and designs. If you have snippets, use them for this project.

Carefully, begin to build the Indian teepee, wrapping the wooden bars with the fabrics. Put some glue on the bars and carefully paste each rectangle of fabric, overlapping them to create a very chic look. When you have finished covering the kids play teepee, you can secure each piece of fabric from within. It is likely that over time some part will take off, but fixing it will only mean catching the hot glue gun.

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