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Dragon Tapestry Plan

Dragon tapestry – Oriental dragon tapestry is made with 100% cotton. It‘s decorated with two red oriental style dragons facing opposite ends side-by-side against a black background. The black border is decorated having a red oriental design that frames the dragons. Generally in a tapestry hung with rings or passengers the effort on the weft, due to its weight, is supported all and only in the points of the rings. Also with these methods you always see handbags because you can not be very tense. We have preferred to adopt a much more secure and practical solution.

How to hang the dragon tapestry using Velcro. We are looking for a system to avoid all this and we have found it. Look at the example in the photo: on a wooden rod, 5 mm thick and 4 cm long, slightly smaller than the size of our tapestry, a male Velcro is fixed using metallic points of upholstery. This will successively be hung to the wall with small blocks as a picture and therefore on the other side must be applied 1 or 2 hooks per frame as needed.

At this point the stand to hang the mat is ready to be hung. On the back of the dragon tapestry must be sewn, strictly by hand, the female Velcro that will stick on the shaft. Thus, although the structure of the hanging fabric is weak, the effort will be distributed throughout the width and not over a few points. It will also be possible to regulate the fall and inclination so that it is corrected.

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