Nice Carpet Binding In Perfect Sewing

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Carpet binding – Binding a blanket protects edges from fraying, tearing or fraying. You can tie a rug by sewing or gluing synthetic or cotton tape over edges. You can create carpets, car mats and small rugs by binding carpet remnants or large pieces carved blanket. A professional carpet binder can make it binding on you or you can do it yourself using a sewing machine or no-sew binding products.

You can use a sewing machine and some hand stitching to sew blanket binding to carpet. You can find carpet binding tape on fabric stores and through carpet or upholstery supply houses, with extra strong polyester thread and carpet needles for hand-sewing and sewing machines. On front of carpet, use a zig-zag stitch next to edges to prevent fraying. Then use a sewing machine to sew binding tape to face rug near edges, then fold it back over stitching and edge of carpet and hand-sewn it at back of carpet.

You can perfect technique with practice on a blanket remaining before working on a finished blanket or art carpet. Some carpet binding companies will work on spot, but generally you need to transport carpet to company and leave it there. It may take a few days or weeks to complete work, depending on company schedule.

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