Popular Star Wars Tapestry

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Star wars tapestry – If you are a fan of ‘Star Wars’ you are reading the appropriate post. There are thousands of series or movies to which you can hook yourself, so much that you want them to be part of your life and the decoration of your home. To decorate a stay of Star Wars is question, neither more nor less, that of accessories.

Although there are a lot of objects in line with this type of styling, such as star wars tapestry, classic bedding, posters for the wall, etc., the details surrounding the room should be specific to the series and movies Of ‘Star Wars’.  Before you begin, you’ll need to put together and plan a décor that includes all the ‘Star Wars’ movies, including both the first and second trilogies, and even the animated ‘Clone Wars’ series. In this way, you will have areas that perfectly represent this theme.

Hanging star wars tapestry wall or Paint film quotes on the wall. One method is to paint a dark colored 12-inch border around the top of the wall. By using script-style stencils to paint your favorite movie quotes inside the border. This complements the posters and adds a film-themed charm to the room. Using classic quotes from films like “Casablanca,” “Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones” or any movie you like.

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