Shabby Chic Girls Nursery With Greige Carpet

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Blue Plain Tapestry

Greige carpet – Shabby chic decorating involves using furniture that look like antiques combined with more modern items. The result is an elegant room that consists of furniture from different periods. Incorporate the decorating style of your nursery design using colors that complement the existing gray floors and add furniture and accessories that provide bursts of color.

Greige carpet provide a neutral flooring that goes with a variety of colors. Paint your walls a darker gray color to make them, and floors blend together. White or off-white are also coordinating with the gray floor. Alternatively consists shabby chic design typical of pastel colors, such as pink, blue, yellow or green, so use these colors to coordinate with your gray floor.

After add greige carpet on the floor, shabby chic furniture often old elements with chipped. However, be more careful in a nursery to prevent your children eat paint chips or exposed to lead paint. Scour antique shops or flea markets to pick up the furniture in its original wood. As an alternative, find unfinished pieces, and paint them yourself. Apply a crackle finish or antique glaze to make them look antique without having to worry about the dangers for your child. Painting an old gray buffet, and reusing it as a changing table.

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