Simple Use Wood Burning Fireplace Blower

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Wood burning fireplace blower – A wood-burning fireplace gives a warm glow and a pleasant aroma, but most of the heat escapes through the chimney. Chimneys prove to be a costly decoration without a way to recover some of the heat for use in the home. Fireplace blowers greatly increase the efficiency of heat distribution by venting heat from a combustion chamber into the room. The extra heat from a fireplace blower reduces the need for home heating from other sources

How to use wood burning fireplace blower? First, remove the iron grate of the combustion chamber that holds logs for burning. Put the fireplace blower grate in its place. Then, Set the fan unit on a nearby wall outlet. Connect the blower hose to the fire place blowing grate, by sliding the compliant sleeve over the tubular grid opening, if necessary. Many fireplace blowers have external fans, but some fans are integrated into the rack that goes inside the combustion chamber.

And then, Light a fire and turn on the fan when the wood burning fireplace blower is hot enough to drop the red embers under the grill. Turn off the fan when the fire dies down, if needed. Some fans work thermostatically controlled to be as long as the wood burning fireplace is warm enough, while others operate on a simple on / off button.

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