Simple Ways To Make Kids Hammock Chair

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Popular Kids Hammock Chair

Kids hammock chair – consider the length of the hammock should have. In general, for children up to six years, 150 cm will be sufficient. Take, therefore, a sheet, its length should be at least twice that your hammock will have. Fold the sheet in half lengthwise, and cuisine the edges, taking care to save a fifteen centimeters, so that you can then turn it over. After that, proceed to reinforce the edges. Fold on itself one of the edges of the sheet to the head for fifteen centimeters in width.

Finally sew the edge on the inner side and repeat the operation with the other edge. At this point drawn on the edges of the rims of at least ten centimeters in diameter, equidistant from each other, and cut them out. Then again the edges folded on themselves and sew, so as to form two pockets, in which shall pass as many sticks. Finally, kids hammock chair tied to each stick resistant so many strings as there are rings that you have created in the tissue.

This causing them to pass through the holes, and mix them together at the opposite end. Now you can hang your kids hammock chair wherever you like. Always remembering that when not attached to the bed, it’s good to keep it very low.  Most creative idea, however, is to use an old table that you no longer use. Ensuring his legs the hammock yourself. It will become the favorite hideout of the small.

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